BURT's policies & media

BURT has been formed by Braddon business owners to deliver a strong, collective voice for local traders & get results where a lone voice fails.

Policies & goals are set by consensus through surveys & feedback from businesses in the BURT network.

Contact Kel Watt on 0411 707 489 for media inquiries.

Halloween, Braddon style

BURT coordinated Braddon businesses for Halloween Braddon style on Friday, which got great coverage in Canberra media.

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BURT - September 2020 Newsletter

Business Survey – we’re getting results!

Following our submission of survey results on upgrades to Braddon & the impact of the coronavirus, BURT has delivered results for local businesses.

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More support needed for business sector on brink of crisis

Media Statement
9 August 2020

The first comprehensive analysis of the small business sector since COVID-19 restrictions began has revealed local businesses are on the verge of crisis and more than half face the prospect of closure.

The findings released today by Braddon’s United Retailers & Traders (BURT) shows Government must work carefully and strategically with local commercial operators to rebuild the local economy and infrastructure or inevitable job losses will result.

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Government’s Braddon upgrade welcome, but consultation needed

Media Statement
3 June 2020

Braddon businesses have applauded today’s announcement by the ACT Government’s to upgrade the precinct – but have called for consultation to avoid unintended negative consequences.

Braddon’s United Retailers & Traders (BURT) say the fast-tracking of $13 million of works in Braddon and Dickson should help recovery after the smoky summer and coronavirus shutdowns as long as priority is given to projects that are known to be needed by both businesses and customers.

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Grow Yes! Fest from street party to Mardi Gras in 2019

Media Statement
20 November 2018

Braddon businesses have written to the ACT Government and Yes!Fest board members asking them to take the bold step of growing next year’s Lonsdale Street Party into Canberra’s very own Mardi Gras.

Braddon’s United Retailers & Traders (BURT) say the success of last year’s impromptu Marriage Equality street party and last weekend’s anniversary party was proof there is a demand for the event.

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Braddon’s Rainbow Roundabout should be the first – not the only – roundabout promoting causes and movements Media Statement

Media Statement
17 November 2018

With this week marking the first anniversary of the ‘Yes’ vote for marriage equality, Braddon will again be the focus of celebrations as it hosts Yes Fest this weekend.

The anniversary inspires memories of last year’s impromptu celebrations in Lonsdale Street and creation of Braddon’s iconic Rainbow Roundabout, which has become one of Canberra’s best-known landmarks in just 12 months.

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Braddon businesses unite to lobby government

Media Statement
16 November 2018

Braddon businesses have formed a new organisation to represent their flourishing district and tackle a growing number of unexpected frustrations.

Braddon’s United Retailers & Traders (BURT) will deliver a strong collective voice for local traders, with a goal to ensure Braddon remains a business and shopping destination of choice.

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