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BURT has been formed by Braddon business owners to deliver a strong, collective voice for local traders & get results where a lone voice fails.

Policies & goals are set by consensus through surveys & feedback from businesses in the BURT network.

Contact Kel Watt on 0411 707 489 for media inquiries.

Braddon businesses unite to lobby government

Media Statement
16 November 2018

Braddon businesses have formed a new organisation to represent their flourishing district and tackle a growing number of unexpected frustrations.

Braddon’s United Retailers & Traders (BURT) will deliver a strong collective voice for local traders, with a goal to ensure Braddon remains a business and shopping destination of choice.

BURT will survey businesses in November and December to determine the priorities and major issues impacting owners, staff, clients and customers. Work with Government and ACT authorities to deliver positive change and prevent nasty surprises, such as the Summernats road closure last summer, will then commence.

Despite enjoying a renewed interest from the Canberra public in recent years, Braddon has faced challenges in recent months, with customer parking at the top of the list. However, Loading Zone hassles, poor signage, rubbish, graffiti, unexpected road closures and altered traffic routes are also on BURT’s ‘must fix’ list.

BURT will also lobby government in the lead up to the 2019 Budget to deliver change and be keeping a close eye on the impact of the ongoing Canberra Metro light rail project on businesses.

To ensure their organisation is not just another fleeting group, an affiliation structure has been created to help deliver a range of services badly needed by local businesses, including government & community relations, lobbying, media management and Body Corporate negotiations.

Affiliated businesses will also receive free 24/7 media, crisis management & legal advice to deliver peace of mind when something unexpected happens over-night and after-hours.

While BURT will not take on the marketing and promotional tasks offered by other Canberra-based organisations, it is expected BURT will lobby for items that draws increased business and enhances Braddon’s atmosphere.

Adding additional artwork and lights like those seen on Lonsdale Street’s famous Rainbow Roundabout has already been warmly welcomed as an innovation that will attract tourists and shoppers.

Keep an eye out on their soon-to-be launched braddon.online website and social media platforms for BURT’s priorities and work.

Contact: Kel Watt (Watt Advocacy & Communications) 0411 707 489 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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